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Erica Butler

I'm a journalist.

I'm a radio and print journalist with an interest in public policy and environmental issues.

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If not corrected, city staff's irresponsible side guard report will lead to ...

If not corrected, city staff's irresponsible side g...

Metro News

It will cost $2M for a truly multi-use bridge, thanks mostly to car considerations

Let’s not kid ourselves here. Fixing this bridge access for both pedestrians and cyclists could be dirt-cheap.

Sidewalkclosed article
The Coast

Why isn't this city more pedestrian-friendly?

A beginner’s guide for making Halifax a better place to walk.

City feature1 article
The Coast

Viola Desmond: The original Ivany Report champion | Nova Scotia ...

Viola Desmond: The original Ivany Report champion |...

Cbc feature1 article
The Coast

The party's over for CBC's inadvertent incubator | City | Halifax, Nova ...

As downtown Halifax loses the CBC, the city in general loses a major cultural support.

Metro News

Why Halifax transit users need full-cost accounting | Metro

Vancouverites are engaged in a debate right now that should have city dwellers across Canada paying attention: How, and how much, should we pay for urban transportation?

Metro News

It's simple: Let Halifax buses jump the traffic queue | Metro News

Your Ride columnist Erica Butler thinks Halifax Regional Municipality needs to speed up the traffic prioritization process.

Metro News

We need real-time location data for Halifax transit | Metro

In the age of smartphones, navigating transit systems everywhere is getting easier. Google Transit just about doubled how much I use buses to get around Halifax, because I can punch in any address and find out instantly how to get there by bus, and how long it should take.

Metro News

Halifax should embrace lower speed limits, even if they're just part of ...

Sure, speed limits do not work on their own, but who would expect them to?

Metro News

Tired of late buses in Halifax? Consider these three words: transit ...

It’s time to design our roads to move people instead of cars. Transit Priority Measures are a great place to start.

Metro News

Nova Scotia's budget cuts will mean fewer kids walking to school ...

Nova Scotia’s great austerity budget of 2015 is claiming yet another victim: a provincewide program run by the Ecology Action Centre (EAC) that addresses “school travel planning.”

Libraryart e1418145656407 article
Quill & Quire

Q&A: artist Cliff Eyland on his 5,000 paintings project at Halifax ...

When the Halifax Central Library opens its doors on Dec. 13, library-goers will have lots to see, including two walls filled with thousands of tiny paintings by Winnipeg-based artist Cliff Eyland.

Metro News

There's only one problem with the new proposed bus network | Metro

Halifax Transit’s proposed new bus network leans in the direction of the fast, frequent, and reliable network we should have, but it doesn’t quite get there.

Metro News

Cyclists of Halifax, now would be a great time to fix that Macdonald ...

When Halifax Harbour Bridges announced it would remove the sidewalk and bikeway from the Macdonald Bridge this summer as part of the Big Lift project, no doubt the more than 1,000 people who use the pathways daily shed some tears.

The Coast

The strange authority of the Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission ...

Why it might hold the key to Halifax's transportation future.